Lyla Nicole is 7 Months Old!!!

Oh my gosh! How in the world is my baby 7 months old?! Like, really?! Seriously?! S e v e n months?! It’s been the longest and shortest 7 months ever!! haha 
Seriously she is so difficult but it’s just flying by at the same time!  
Lyla is changing a lot lately! She can sit up on her own really well and she scoots all over the house! She just sits there wiggling and scooting her bum and scoots herself across the room. She eyes things nearby she wants and can go purposefully toward them! She is so mobile and I’m not ready for it! Everett destroys my house on a minute by minute basis and leaves crumbs and little things all over. I’m constantly having to keep an eye on her and clean up the floor. She even notices the tiniest things and tries to pick them up with her fingers! It’s amazing and wonderful to watch her growing and learning. 
She is verrrry loud when she “talks.” She did baby coo for a while but it quickly turned into this loud vocal “yell.” It’s the only way I can describe it. She just chooses a note and yells it. She loves to do it when she’s tired or when she is pinching, scratching, and slapping people. She is very violent! haha. She seriously loves trying to tear apart all of our faces and necks and arms. Many of us have scratches and claw marks, but of course mostly me. My boobs are a wreck! I wear nursing necklaces which does help but many times I leave them off somewhere (I despise wearing jewelry of any sort) and then I start nursing her and her nails go up to pinch and I kick myself for not wearing one all day! 
Lyla loves music and books! She LOVES when we sing to her or listen to music and she loves being read to. She stares intently at the pictures and if there is any change in my voice as I read she’ll stop and look closely at my face. It’s SO cute!! She loves when we make silly sounds. 
Lyla LOVES her family. She loves loves loves her family. She watches everyone with such interest. She loves watching the kids play, loves watching me cook from her position on my hip, loves watching me clean. She knows Allan’s voice well and when he gets home from work and starts talking to whichever kids have run into the hallway to greet him she looks in that direction with laser focus waiting until he appears from around the corner and then she doesn’t take her eyes off him until he comes over and says hi to her. She loves her dad.  
She doesn’t sleep well at all! She keeps me up most of the night. She’s a LOT like Ember as a baby, except crankier. Ember never slept and wanted to be held all day but she was at least pretty happy if she was in my arms. Lyla never sleeps and wants to be held all day but is still a cranky baby even when I do hold her. She needs constant attention and stimulation. Constant. She doesn’t want to just be held, she wants me to show her everything I’m doing and talk to her about it. But if I AM giving her constant attention she is thrilled and very social and adorable about it! She tries to grab what I grab and amazingly enough, I swear she copies things we do! Maybe this is normal at this age but she’s so much our “little baby” that we’re pretty amazed by everything she does. Recently I put a hat on her for fun and she pulled it off and then she put it back on. We gave her the hat a little later in the day and she put it on! She never puts anything on her head so we know it was because she remembered we’d put it on her! 
She loves hitting everything she comes in contact with to see if it’ll make sound. She loves her toys that rattle or crinkle or ring or make any type of noise at all. Noisy toys are her favorite. She bangs her toys and hits them against things more than sucks on them like some of my other babies have.  
Oh, something pretty random is that she LOVES feet! LOVES feet! When I stand near her as she’s scooting across the floor she lunges for my feet and loves to play with them and try to suck on them! Ember was like that!! If I’m laying in bed with her and I wiggle my foot she’ll watch it for as long as I am willing to hold it in the air wiggling it! haha. Yesterday I wiggled my foot in the air and slowly moved it toward her and when I touched her toe with mine she cracked up laughing so hard! 
She loves to suck on my chin and face and arms and hands and neck. She will latch onto my face and just sit there sucking away for the longest time! She loves sucking on her hands and fingers and feet, too. I don’t wear makeup anymore because of how much and often she likes to suck on my chin and face. I also changed out all my skincare to baby safe stuff (homemade and natural) so that I don’t feel bad when she sucks on my arm or hands 🙂
What else? She still loves her changing table. I sing her songs and play with her after changing her diaper because she is just so happy on that changing pad. 
She went through a phase this week where she only wants me to hold her! She used to be okay being held by everyone else for the most part but now she cries until she’s back in my arms. She even prefers me over Allan this week and that’s not normal for her, either. We talk a lot about if she’s maybe teething because she is so so cranky. I don’t see any signs of teeth but who knows… I’ve had other babies have no signs of teeth in their gums and then bam, overnight one pops through! 

There’s so much more but I’m going to stop. haha. 
Here’s Lyla from earlier today!

2 thoughts on “Lyla Nicole is 7 Months Old!!!

  • Hello Ariana! I found your blog recently and love reading. I have four kiddos and a four room house what are the sleeping arrangements like in your house ? We co-sleep with our youngest however, we are getting ready to transition her to a toddler bed soon. Do your younger kiddos share and the older one gets her own room? We are still trying to figure out sleeping arrangements we have 3 girls and one boy any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    • We have a four bedroom house and 6 kids and here’s how we have them:
      Brooke is 13 and has her own room.
      Payson is 8 and has his own room.
      Sierra is 11 and Ember is 6 and they share the largest room in the house.
      Everett is 3 and Lyla is 8 months old and they both cosleep with me.
      We have no idea where we’re going to put Everett when he’s too old to share a room with us. We’re hoping to move by then because we absolutely don’t want our sons sharing a room because of their personalities. Really our only children who share a room well are Sierra and Ember and even then, that’s iffy. Basically I despise my kids sharing a room. They get into trouble and keep each other up way late at night. We’re considering moving to a 5 bedroom house to avoid that.

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