Lyla is 6 Months Old!

Lyla at 6 months old: she is still ruling our house and family. She is very high needs, loud, clingy, cranky… she never wants to be put down, ever. She isn’t happy very often. She spits up a loooot. She gave up sleeping almost entirely. She’s refusing to sleep in her rocker bed anymore and wants to be in my bed cuddled up to me. She LOVES toys and every other object in the world that comes near enough to her to grab. She watches very, very intently if you’re near her and eating. She chews and sucks on her hands and fingers and feet and toes a lot still. She doesn’t mind her carseat as much as she used to.
She is currently on my lap bobbing around like crazy and trying to suck my arm, my face, my neck, my chest… also tearing the crap out of my skin with her nails. She also loves pinching and pinching and pinching, and regular scratching and slapping. She’s very abusive. haha
She sat in the cart for the first time this month and LOVED it!! She’s never been so happy in the store! She sits very well by herself now. She still needs a boppy behind her because very randomly she’ll fling herself backwards. She loves to play in her jumpy toys. She LOVES people and smiles at everyone. She especially loves her family. She loves every single person in our family!
She does this thing that looks like she’s sucking her top lip… she does that a lot but mostly when she’s hungry or tired.
She freaking adores music! Any time a song comes on, any song, she starts jumping excitedly and bopping along and yelling, which I think is her version of singing. Her hair sticks up always and it’s so high when you’re holding her it constantly tickles your face and neck. Which feels itchy. When having her diaper changed she straightens her legs and keeps them that way so it’s really difficult to change her. She also loves to grab her diaper area and it’s really difficult to not let her touch her poop or roll around and get poop everywhere!

She isn’t ALL crankiness of course, when she’s getting one on one attention… like literally ALL your attention, she’s really happy!
We love having her and talk all the time about what a privilege it is to get to raise her. I’ll gladly never sleep again and have scrapes and claw marks all over my body if Lyla is happy and well taken care of 🙂

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