I Cut the Boys Hair!

I finally got around to giving Payson and Everett haircuts!

To be funny I cut off half Payson’s hair and left the other half and he laughed into the mirror.

Then Payson wanted me to leave a little piece of hair in the front so we did for a while. We called his hairstyle “the piece” and he kept it for the afternoon. haha

Payson was doing a funny dance when I took his pictures so Ember wanted a turn!

Lyla’s 6 Month Checkup!

She weighed 14 pounds 14 ounces. She looks really healthy and she got four shots! I hate shots, my poor baby! Luckily she does really well with vaccines. She has lots of family members around to comfort her each time and she likes that a lot.

I took some pictures of her when we got back, my kids love seeing the bandaids on their legs from when they were vaccinated as babies so I kept up the tradition and took some for her.

And then because she looked so cute and was being pretty happy for a minute, I snapped a few more.

Everyone Loves Lyla!

I hung some clipboards on my wall today. I’m planning on printing 8x10s to hang from them and that way I can easily switch them out every month or so. Lyla was sitting by me on the bed and played with them. And also tasted them because she sticks everything in her mouth now.

We had a stomach virus going around during Christmas break so the kids didn’t get to hold Lyla (I didn’t want them to give it to her) and they all missed it a lot! This week they’ve been loving on her like crazy 🙂