Getting New Christmas Tree Ornaments

Every year each kid gets a new ornament. We headed to Fred Meyer to buy them this year. My back was killing me, just killing me, but it was still fun to watch my kids pick out their ornaments.



Payson and Ember had quarters and tried the claw machine on the way out.

And Payson won one!

Once home we set up the tree. And by we I mean Allan because my back was too sore to stand any longer. haha


Everett was so excited about the tree this year! We’ve watched some Christmas movies so talking to him about Christmas, Santa, presents, the tree, the lights, has been really fun. He gets it and is really excited by it all.







2 thoughts on “Getting New Christmas Tree Ornaments

  • I discovered your blog tonight while searching for information on my son’s upcoming syndactyl surgery. He is 6 months old and has type 3 complete simple of the left hand. Or as we lovingly refer to it in this house, “vulcan hand.” – a little trekkie humour. I found the information you posted very useful and comforting. Thank you so much for posting , know that you did at least one other mom some good by taking the time to document your journey.

    • Hi Donna! Have you seen Everett’s syndactyly blog? I post only about his fingers there! It’s:
      I’m glad more and more about syndactyly is becoming available online, when I found out about my son’s I went to Google and could find very, very little. I remember just wanting to hear stories of other moms and babies who’d gone through the whole thing, all the information I could get and also pictures! Are your son’s fingers curved or does the fact that his bones are separate help? My son’s fingers were really curved since he had complete, complex type 3. Mostly his right ring finger is pretty curved.
      When is his surgery?

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