Payson Smashes His Nose! :(

So Payson and Ember are pretending they don’t have arms. Their arms were tucked in their shirts and they were jumping around on the couch. You fellow moms know where this is going! Payson quickly falls off the couch and without arms to catch himself lands square on his nose! It instantly looked bruised and really swollen! Luckily Allan was heading home from work right then so he took Payson to urgent care when he got home just to make sure it wasn’t broken!

He asked me to take a picture before heading to the doctor. Look at those tears! 🙁

Allan kept me posted as they were out what was going on. There was an hour wait at urgent care so they went to Burger King for dinner.

Waiting for the doctor.

He got an x-ray.

Waiting for the doctor again he got to point out pain levels on this chart. No matter whose appointment we go to, Payson LOVES talking about the pain chart so for it to be his turn he was extra excited! haha


Before bed.

The next morning.

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