Payson Smashes His Nose! :(

So Payson and Ember are pretending they don’t have arms. Their arms were tucked in their shirts and they were jumping around on the couch. You fellow moms know where this is going! Payson quickly falls off the couch and without arms to catch himself lands square on his nose! It instantly looked bruised and really swollen! Luckily Allan was heading home from work right then so he took Payson to urgent care when he got home just to make sure it wasn’t broken!

He asked me to take a picture before heading to the doctor. Look at those tears! 🙁

Allan kept me posted as they were out what was going on. There was an hour wait at urgent care so they went to Burger King for dinner.

Waiting for the doctor.

He got an x-ray.

Waiting for the doctor again he got to point out pain levels on this chart. No matter whose appointment we go to, Payson LOVES talking about the pain chart so for it to be his turn he was extra excited! haha


Before bed.

The next morning.

Everett Easton Turns 3!!!

I can’t believe Everett is three years old! This year I told him about his birthday leading up to it and he was the most excited about getting a birthday cake! He’d talk about what he wanted on it and he’d talk about the candle and blowing it out and then eating the cake. Actually I’m not sure if he liked the idea of the cake more or the candle more! I think the cake. haha
So I found the PERFECT cake at Costco, luckily! He’d requested a blue cake and at one point he said he wanted a dinosaur cake! Can you believe the luck? I don’t even order things in advance, I don’t have the time for that with 6 kids, so it’s all luck on whatever cakes already are made. haha

Anyway, his birthday finally was here and he was SO SO SO excited! It was perfection and so much fun!

He saw all his presents and his cake and kept talking about the cake. I asked if he wanted to do presents first or the cake and he excitedly yelled, “Cake!” He basically didn’t even care about the presents, it was all about the cake ♥


Oh my gosh he started trying to blow out the candle before I set it down! He was so excited!! I filmed this all and love rewatching it. I sure do love my Everett!

And finally, after being totally 100% happy with his birthday just for the cake experience we pointed out that he had presents. Filled with cake and happiness he could focus his attention there and he got excited all over again! Like, oh YEAH, presents!!

The big kids were so adorable while he opened his presents, too. They were excited for him and talked happily about his toys.

It’s funny because Everett has plenty of toys so I was kind of stumped on what to get him. So I asked him and he said trains and a train track! He loves trains.

Trying So Hard To Get Baby to Sleep

Oh Lyla. Our non sleeper. She is up so late. Allan and I both try everything under the sun to get this baby to sleep. I breastfeed her as much as she wants… we rock her, we bounce her, we walk laps with her, we wear her, and I could go on and on. What finally works one night isn’t what works the next… it’s always different what gets her to sleep but one thing is consistent, she never sleeps before 1am. I’m so tired I feel like I’m dying. But I’ve been through babies like this before and I know it does eventually end so I just wait.