Halloween 2016!!

Ember wanted to be a tiger since she’s been obsessed with pretending to be a tiger this year. I couldn’t find a good tiger costume (because I waited too long to buy something and everything was sold out! Yikes) so I last minute bought some stuff to make one!

Lyla in her costume, which clearly she hated!

Okay, group picture showing a zombie, princess Eowyn, a deer, a strawberry, a tiger, and a monkey. Allan and I were going to dress up but life was too chaotic and Halloween was a blur of last minute prep.

Fall at Costco and Walgreen’s!

I think this day Lyla was particularly cranky so Allan ended up running into Costco with Brooke and Sierra while I stayed in the parking lot with the younger four kids. We couldn’t resist the gorgeous fall colors in this grassy area by Costco so we went to play while we waited!

Brooke and Sierra got white roses from some woman in Costco. I don’t know why. But they were really pretty. We played in the leaves a little longer even after they were finished shopping. It was just so so pretty!

Everett started crying because he didn’t like being barefoot. He takes his socks and shoes off all the time and throws them and leaves them behind.

I made a quick run to Walgreen’s with the little two to get a nose freida because Lyla had a stuffy nose all fall.

Making Halloween Costumes for Their Toys!

I gave the kids some foam sheets and tape and glue and other stuff to make Halloween costumes for their stuffed toys. They had so so much fun!

While they crafted at the table I wrote Halloween themed hangman phrases on the white board. When they guessed wrong letters I’d draw the man hanging as the character the phrase talked about 🙂

I got the biggest kick out of Ember’s Halloween costumes she made. I liked them so much I already printed out these following pictures and put them in my “happy book.” (I’ll talk about my happy book in some other post)

Watching Good Mythical Morning is a favorite of my kids. This was Ember’s face while watching their Will It Candy? episode.

Sierra’s cute costumes! She’s so talented. I loooove her!

The Daily Stuff!

Ember brought her bag of goldfish and climbed into my bed. I was surprised to find her like that but it was cute!

All in One Homeschool.

Everett loves loves loves to climb up onto Lyla’s changing table. All the time. Even if she’s on there, he just squeezes up there with her.

Basically everything of Lyla’s the other kids like. Ember and Everett are always playing with her stuff.

Doesn’t bother Lyla.

Grocery Shopping and the last of the Garden

Allan and Everett were so cute. Allan was putting Everett’s sweater on before getting out of the car.

Payson is really hyper and disobedient in stores. It’s really frustrating. He touches everything and is constantly running away and being loud and disruptive and so Allan called him over and gave him a long hug to calm him down. It worked for a few minutes.

When we got home we went to look at our corn, which we planted way too late in the season, and pull what we could from it.

Point and shoot shots from the day: