She Wants to Be a Mama!

Sierra is such a nurturing, gentle girl. She is so good with all her siblings. She mommies Everett and Lyla as much as they let her and she is a good friend to Brooke, Payson, and Ember. This is just the natural way she is. I don’t ask her to do the things she does… she just lives her life this way. It’s SO sweet!! She asks all the time to wear Lyla since it’s one of the only time newborn Lyla in her colic will be calm while in her siblings’ arms. I spent an extra $20 to get this newborn carrier that Sierra could wear… she likes it better than the ergo. She AND Lyla like it better than the ergo. But it’s really only for the first two months-ish of baby’s life so if you don’t have a super high needs baby I would skip it. It KILLS your shoulders. But Lyla did really prefer it for a good month.

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