This Morning

They’re building a house next door to ours and Everett has loved hanging out at the kitchen window and watching them work. This morning he brought his breakfast over and it was SO cute I let him eat there. Sierra joined him.

Then we decided it was a cookie morning and the kids baked some.

Thanks, Grandma!

My mom sent Brooke a package for her birthday. Oh my gosh it was so cool! She knew Brooke was really into writing so she got her a bunch of notebooks and pens and stickers and stuff but she also got one of those big, decorative storage boxes from Hobby Lobby that looked like a suitcase and Brooke loved it!!! It’s now almost 3 months later and Brooke still treasures that gift.
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Ice Cream Truck!

Everett became a big fan of Team Umizoomi this year and his favorite episodes are the one with Umicar and Ice Cream Truck! He was obsessed with ice cream trucks this year as well because we got ice cream from our neighborhood ice cream truck a couple times this summer!

So I randomly decided to buy him a toy ice cream truck from Amazon one day and when it arrived it didn’t disappoint! He was thrilled!
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