Costco, My Love

My feelings for Costco are a mix of love and joy and hatred and stress. I love what I can get at Costco. I like that everything is our family’s size. I love that there are so many organic options, especially because I live in a city with few organic options.
I can’t stand the crowds.
But the items available outweigh the torture of taking 6 children into crowds and so we go. And we get food. And mealtimes are happy.

Preparing For Lyla!

I pulled out all of Ember and Everett’s baby clothes and cloth diapers and blankets and bibs to pick out what was usable for Lyla. I also orderedΒ  her some stuff that we didn’t have and it all started arriving this week! Things are getting real! We’re going to have another baby!

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Playing, Schooling

I love when Ember and Everett play together.

We made at least a dozen batches of homemade playdough this year. We mostly used an edible recipe since Everett liked to eat it each time.

The particular homeschool journals the kids are homeschooling with in this next picture are from Fun Schooling Books. I bought all mine on Amazon. Here’s the link: Homeschool Journals on Amazon (nothing on my blog is affiliated, obviously. Just things I actually find, buy, and use) 066eresized