My Poor Baby!! *sob*

Like he does every single day, Everett pushes a chair up to the counter to climb up. I’ve told him not to, I take him off of the counter any time I see him. We’ve even tried tying the chairs to our table with a ropes, guys! It’s a serious problem I don’t know how to solve! This room can’t be gated off and even if we do gate it off, he can climb all baby gates now!

Anyway, he climbed up on a chair and then just… fell off! He wasn’t even on the counter (luckily) he just fell off the chair and we think he hit his lip on the table as he fell. I was walking into the room as it happened and saw him fall but didn’t see him hit anything, but his lip was cut open. And it was right on the line and I worried if he didn’t get a stitch or two the line wouldn’t heal matched up just right. So off to the urgent care we went.

I didn’t take pictures until ten minutes after the urgent care because the whole experience was traumatic, obviously. Poor Everett was handling it all pretty well for a 2 year old but he hated the numbing strip they put on his lip and cried and cried when I wouldn’t let him take it off and cried and cried that he couldn’t have his binky.

I took these pictures as we waited outside the urgent care for Allan to pick us up. He’d heard that Everett was going to need a stitch and took the other kids to Sonic for a snack instead of waiting in the urgent care with us.



We stopped at WalMart for some baby Motrin (or Tylenol, I can’t remember) before heading home.


Once home I got him a popsicle and gave him some medicine and he was good to go. He was terrified to touch his lip and wouldn’t let anyone get near him so I didn’t have to worry about him pulling his stitch out, which was nice!

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