Brooke’s Conference, Family Schooling

This was the last day we went to Brooke’s school, it was for a conference and we saw a project she did displayed in the cafeteria. I pulled Brooke out to homeschool the rest of the year since all my¬† other kids are. With all the emotional trauma going on in my kids I knew it was needed that we spend more time with less chaos from public school and more bonding, peaceful moments at home. I was nervous about the decision but had been feeling like it was needed for this time. The plans about schooling next year change all the time. I know what I would choose if I could choose but I also know I don’t control almost anything anymore and have to just go with whatever happens, make the most out of what life brings.

For now, I’m treasuring days spent with my kids, especially the laid back ones where we stay home and I clean the house in the morning before they all wake up, we have breakfast, and then we hang out together. We read a lot of books and talk and visit and heal emotionally. I’m gearing up for more of an academic focus next month, May will be a bustling month of education (math and language arts heavy!) and it’ll be good. But April is for family reading, coloring, art therapy, science and history books, hiking and outdoor times, and reestablishing normal. It’s all about trying to regain security and stability in insecure and unstable times.











































Oh my Everett. He is such a light in my life. I adore every second of raising him. The good, the difficult, the messy, the silly… I wouldn’t mind having 2 year old Everett forever and ever!




































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Allan comes over and we hang out and the kids ride bikes. Allan does some bike repairs. He sets up an area that everyone calls the repair shop. Payson asks us to take his training wheels off, so we do!

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First day we took his training wheels off and he nails it!! This kid is awesome!!














We went to a field near our house to fly a kite. We’re loving spring!

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I’m blogging these pictures from April in October and so missing the spring! haha

30 Weeks Along!

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Everett joined me in putting on makeup and taking pictures today.

Just An Average Day

Fun with raspberries at breakfast.















Super duper fun times laminating things! Once laminated I let the kids put the sheets back through the laminator over and over and over again. 240eresizedI think it was a good 20 minutes they sat there putting their pages through!













Tablet and toys and Zelda in the living room.















And a happy meal eaten by the fireplace.



























And Allan came over to visit so the kids were extra happy!


































We go to Costco often. It’s my favorite place to buy baby wipes (Kirkland wipes are the best ever) and uncooked tortillas, milk and eggs, fruit, and gluten-free bread!















Everett was pretending to eat Ember. He’d really bite her (gently) and say, “Mmmm” and they’d both burst out laughing.