Our Favorite – Art

My dream world would be living in some small house with lots of property somewhere out in the forested mountains with walls filled with shelves filled with art supplies. Where I spent my time wandering with the kids outside enjoying nature and then creating with them inside the rest of the time. Yeah, that’d be a dream life for me.
I pretty much try to do that now. Except my real world includes a whole crapload of work raising these munchkins. But after what I’ve been through the last 7 months, I even enjoy the work part of being a mom. Dishes and laundry used to be pains and I can honestly say, I’m grateful for that work now… it means I have people to love and serve. They sit in my house with me every day, endlessly loving, viewing me as I am… seeing all my good and accepting the bad without judgment. Kids are amazing. All of us parents are very lucky.




































































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