Magna Tiles

I don’t remember anymore about what I’ve blogged about (sorry, trauma brain fog!) but I think I’ve mentioned these magna tiles dozens of times. I know I have on my personal facebook and on instagram and I tell everyone in my real life about them. I’m sure you’ve all seen them by now… Target sells big packs of them. They are crazy expensive which makes moms like me shy away from them. Or maybe like recoil in horror. I think the price comes out to be like, almost a dollar per tile or something like that!


These are the best toys on the face of the earth.

In my humble opinion. In my humble but experienced opinion as a mom of five ages 2-12. My kids are obsessed with these. They play with them all day every day. The best part is Everett at 2 1/2 loves them. Any moms of toddlers know how difficult it is to find a toy a toddler plays with for more than 2 minutes or so.

So, I bought a bigger pack from Amazon for the kids. Because the smaller pack we had they fought over all.the.time. And I have not regretted the purchase. In fact, I’m thinking for all holidays going forward I’m just going to buy more magna tiles. haha




























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