Easter 2016

Yes, this is how far behind I am, blogging about Easter a full month late. I almost didn’t blog about it but I know next year when it’s around Easter time I’ll go looking on my blog for pictures and they won’t be here if I don’t blog them! I don’t usually go looking through my picture folders for pictures… I just come to my blog since it’s easier to type in “Easter” in the search box than to go digging in old folders on my desktop. haha

So Easter was great! I think I spoiled my kids a little bit for two reasons: 1) I feel guilty about all the emotional trauma Allan and my marriage problems have put on them. 2) I bought little toys instead of a lot of candy because honestly winter was filled with sugar for our family and we need a bit of a break!

PS: We still need to cut back on sugar.

PSS: My birthday was on Easter this year and Allan made me a cake. I’m 33 now!

























































































































































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