Magna Tiles

I don’t remember anymore about what I’ve blogged about (sorry, trauma brain fog!) but I think I’ve mentioned these magna tiles dozens of times. I know I have on my personal facebook and on instagram and I tell everyone in my real life about them. I’m sure you’ve all seen them by now… Target sells big packs of them. They are crazy expensive which makes moms like me shy away from them. Or maybe like recoil in horror. I think the price comes out to be like, almost a dollar per tile or something like that!


These are the best toys on the face of the earth.

In my humble opinion. In my humble but experienced opinion as a mom of five ages 2-12. My kids are obsessed with these. They play with them all day every day. The best part is Everett at 2 1/2 loves them. Any moms of toddlers know how difficult it is to find a toy a toddler plays with for more than 2 minutes or so.

So, I bought a bigger pack from Amazon for the kids. Because the smaller pack we had they fought over all.the.time. And I have not regretted the purchase. In fact, I’m thinking for all holidays going forward I’m just going to buy more magna tiles. haha




























Easter 2016

Yes, this is how far behind I am, blogging about Easter a full month late. I almost didn’t blog about it but I know next year when it’s around Easter time I’ll go looking on my blog for pictures and they won’t be here if I don’t blog them! I don’t usually go looking through my picture folders for pictures… I just come to my blog since it’s easier to type in “Easter” in the search box than to go digging in old folders on my desktop. haha

So Easter was great! I think I spoiled my kids a little bit for two reasons: 1) I feel guilty about all the emotional trauma Allan and my marriage problems have put on them. 2) I bought little toys instead of a lot of candy because honestly winter was filled with sugar for our family and we need a bit of a break!

PS: We still need to cut back on sugar.

PSS: My birthday was on Easter this year and Allan made me a cake. I’m 33 now!

























































































































































Our Favorite – Art

My dream world would be living in some small house with lots of property somewhere out in the forested mountains with walls filled with shelves filled with art supplies. Where I spent my time wandering with the kids outside enjoying nature and then creating with them inside the rest of the time. Yeah, that’d be a dream life for me.
I pretty much try to do that now. Except my real world includes a whole crapload of work raising these munchkins. But after what I’ve been through the last 7 months, I even enjoy the work part of being a mom. Dishes and laundry used to be pains and I can honestly say, I’m grateful for that work now… it means I have people to love and serve. They sit in my house with me every day, endlessly loving, viewing me as I am… seeing all my good and accepting the bad without judgment. Kids are amazing. All of us parents are very lucky.




































































Fort and Books

I built Everett a little fort and all the kids ended up joining in. Once Brooke and Sierra were involved they made it even bigger but I failed and didn’t take a picture of the ginormous fort. We were too busy playing in it! Later on some of our summer books arrived in the mail!

Oh and I was awesome and included a zoomed out picture of how messy my living room got that morning! No joke it was spotless when the kids woke up. It gets that messy (thanks Ember and Everett) every single day! The good news is, they’re pretty good at cleaning up when I say it’s time to 🙂





















































Spring is Here!

March brought spring! Hurray.











































































The day was nice and cool but not cold and we spent most of it outside. And then as if that hadn’t been fun enough, it rained!














We usually have sandwiches and carrots for lunch but the kids were sick of that so we had chicken nuggets, fries, and mini tacos instead!
















Stay at Home Life

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Around my house. The curriculums the kids are using are Teaching Textbooks and Christian Light.