Dentist and Obgyn!















Brooke had a dentist appointment and ironically I have no pictures of her from the day since she was back having her teeth cleaned.















The next day was my 6 month checkup with my obgyn. I was dreading it since Everett is really difficult at appointments, he screams or wants to run everywhere and get into everything… it’s awful. But this time he fell asleep in the car and stayed asleep when I moved him to the stroller and slept the whole time!! And the gray on his face is from when he was rubbing eyeshadow all over himself while I did my makeup that morning. He copies everything I do lately and it’s pretty sweet 🙂
































I let the girls bring the tablet to keep busy because this particular office has the longest wait times. If I had more emotional energy I’d find a new doctor just in hopes of not waiting for half my life in the waiting room.































The girls climbed up onto the exam table while we waited and laughed hysterically for a good ten minutes straight while pretending they were going to have surgery.
























































Once the doctor did come in it was back to the tablet.




























Everything looks good with Lyla and me. I have to do the glucose test in a couple weeks and I’m not looking forward to that. I’m dreading the blood draw more than drinking the nasty drink. Hopefully it goes well and they don’t stab me more than once!

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