Why is the Normal so Insane?















I’m so busy it’s insane. Sometimes when I’m so stressed I feel like I could lay down and die I tell myself that women all over the world and all through time have had to raise children alone for a thousand different reasons and if they did it, surely I can? I tell myself each and every morning while I’m laying in bed listening to the stupid alarm going off at the crack of dawn… you don’t want to do any of this, but you’re going to do it anyway. And then I get up and work my ass off for 16 hours until I crawl into bed so tired I can barely move at the end of the day.

And whatdya know, here I am with a house full of kids who are fed and semi regularly bathed and wearing clean clothes and seemingly happier than they were 5 months ago so, I guess just doing things you don’t want to do works.















I told Sierra she could make treats for the missionaries if she wanted. She was so excited about it and did the whole recipe by herself and the cookies turned out so good!



























This was the next day, I got the mixer out to make bread and Everett climbed up on the counter to help out. Seriously moms, HOW do you keep your toddler off the counter?!














Making artisan bread. We could live off homemade bread.















One day I was making dinner and letting Everett “help” by stirring a few things in a bowl. He was watching me stir our actual dinner and he most definitely knows when I’m giving him “crap” jobs to do to keep him busy so he abandoned his bowl and spoon and came over to try to help me stir a pot of boiling noodles! As he reached for the spoon I told him “No, it’s too hot.” And his heart broke and he cried. It was so sad! He is so determined to be helpful and be a part of everything I do and I let him be involved with most things and it’s just sad when their actual skill and capabilities prevent them from helping with certain things. There’s nothing to do but give some comfort and try to find something else they can help with that’s safe.















Allan came over that night to hang out with the kids. That’s why I have pictures of us making whipped cream.







































Strawberries and whipped cream is a current favorite in our family.



























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