Around the House

Yep, still breastfeeding Everett even though I’m pregnant and it feels terrible. With Allan having moved out and everything changing I figured it was probably a bad time to wean him despite it physically bothering me so much. He finds comfort in it even though he gets virtually no nutritional value.


















Speaking of Everett, his very favorite thing to do in life is climb on the counters or get into drawers and cupboards and mess with all the things he’s not supposed to.















We had extra boxes of Dots so we put them all together to make a big cabin together. Allan was over for this and took pretty much all these pictures.

























































































Bedtime with these two. Where is Lyla going to fit when she comes in 17 weeks??















In the morning.















I’m loving Costco lately. I’ve figured out what things we get that are cheapest there and I also fill my car with gas there because it’s so much cheaper than anywhere else. This day was funny because Everett took his shoes off in the car and Ember’s shoes fall off when she sits in carts (because they’re slightly too big) and they both happened to be wearing green socks!



























Everett was cracking himself up by touching the conveyor belt when it moved. He’d laugh the most when I’d tell him not to touch.















Tired after Costco daze.



























Back at home hanging out at the counter while I made lunch.















Every day… I don’t know how other moms keep their toddlers off the counters besides just pulling them off each and every time and trying to always be in the same room with them. But I run to switch laundry and come back… counter. I run to go pee even and come back… counter. Any time I leave the room for even a few seconds Everett goes straight to the counter!







































Most of the time I sweep but sometimes I have one of the older girls do it. I like it when I don’t have to do it, I’m so far beyond busy right now it’s crazy.















And… my 23 week along belly! I’m getting huge!
















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