Free Baby Stuff!

I spend a few minutes here or there googling free or cheap baby stuff. I google a lot about saving money or stretching money these days. I stumbled upon a blog, that I failed to save so sorry for no link- I really try to share all the links where I find things- that mentioned that at and at Target if you create a baby registry you get welcome kits with free items and samples and coupons! I made a registry for each company and got my welcome kits!















All three of my kids who were home with me at the time the box arrived were SO excited about this little package. I’d told them it was just some baby stuff but they were thrilled. I think getting baby stuff and seeing baby stuff makes it even more real for them that they’re going to have a baby sister!



























This was the Amazon welcome kit and it came with samples of wonderful things! Ember and Everett made the experience of opening the box and thinking about Lyla even more fun šŸ™‚















I let them try to the food samples.















Then a week or two later we stopped by Target and got the welcome bag from there and I was even more excited about that one because it came with a lot of coupons for items I buy when I have babies!!

















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