Good news: Yummy Gluten-Free Flour!!















Gluten-free peeps, have you tried this Namaste flour?? I spotted it at Costco and though I’ve been so done with trying out new gluten-free flours for a few years, after hating the taste of so many, I decided… okay I’ll try one more gluten-free flour. This particular bag of flour says you can swap this stuff for any regular flour in any other recipe. No added extras, just use this stuff when a recipe calls for flour? That sold me. I was nervous to try it out and I didn’t take it lightly before blogging about it. Here’s what we’ve baked so far, and loved: pizza crust, cake, cookies, pancakes, and we used it in place of regular flour in our homemade cream of mushroom soup. It worked in each food! Hurray!




























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