Cooking with Mom, Edible Playdough!

Everett loves watching me cook every day. I cook breakfast, lunch, and dinner from scratch to save money so I’m in the kitchen a lot! He scoots a chair over and climbs up and gets into all the drawers and messes with all the things and does dramatic sniffing sounds every few minutes and says, “Mmmmm!”




























I have that yardstick through the handle of a drawer and cupboard because it prevents that cupboard from being opened. It’s where I keep our paper towels and if I remove the yardstick Everett gets into the paper towels and tears them all apart!



























Most mornings I make eggs. We sometimes also have sausage and make breakfast burritos or sometimes we have roasted vegetables with our eggs and toast. Sometimes we have eggs, toast, and fruit. Sometimes we have eggs and oatmeal. But almost always, eggs.



























While I was cleaning up the house Ember got a rare turn playing Tetris.















Everett would walk over to where I was and I’d holler, “Hey! That’s my milk! Give me my milk!” And he’d burst out laughing and run off. This was a fun game for him but secretly I’m a genius because he stopped walking through the pile of crap I was sweeping up on the floor.















I sat down to blog (this was Wednesday) but ended up visiting my support forums for betrayed spouses instead. Everett was with me playing with playdoh.


















After reading on my forums and having a good cry like always I got some stuff out to make edible playdough with the kids. (1 cup peanut butter, 2 cups powdered sugar, 1/4 cup honey)







































Excuse me, Ember… what are you doing?!


















Everett was a mess after.




























And then my camera was left on the counter the rest of the day. But we did have a delicious taco salad that night for dinner. Why don’t I make that more often?!

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