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One thing I feel so spoiled with is the thousands and thousands of people who share fun and frugal ideas online. For single moms like me, wanting to have fun with my kids but not spend much, this is glorious. I’ll share here on my blog my favorite resources for cheap science experiments, arts and crafts, projects, and fun stuff like that. Should I also share things we try that don’t work? Probably, huh?

Today we did a quick little project that will cost you a whopping $2 if you have plastic spoons and a glue gun already on hand, which, as a mom, you probably do! $1 for the stapler remover, $1 for the binder! And a handful of dimes for the cheerios but who counts that?

I got the idea for this desktop catapult from this Sick Science video:


I follow Steve Spangler on facebook. He shares some cool stuff, good page to follow if you like stuff like this.















At the dollar store stapler removers came in a pack of two for a dollar so we bought an extra binder to make two catapults. So technically our fun was $3 but you only need one. My kids all ended up only using the blue one in the end anyway. They said it worked better.




























My kids quickly turned it into a competition which resulted in many tears so maybe don’t make a painter’s tape guide on the ground to see how far the cheerios go. Unless your kids are less competitive than mine 😉

One thought on “$2 Fun For Kids!

  • Wow, how cool! I always say I wished I had the Internet when my kids were little to find such great ideas. It was hard keeping them entertained, at times, and I feel like we missed out on a lot of fun and educational things we could have done. We could only do what I would find in a book or see on tv once in a while.

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