Friday Fun with the Kiddos!!

Ember requested two pigtails on the top of her head so she could have long puppy ears. And she has been acting like a puppy all day.















We made a quick stop at Wal-Mart for the ingredients to make muddy buddies for a treat tonight while watching Napoleon Dynamite.















The kids begged for coloring books. I caved and bought three of the dollar ones.















As I was bringing groceries in Everett was unloading them for me. After he’d empty a bag he’d put both arms in the air and yell, “Ta da!” And after he emptied the last bag he clapped and said, “Yay! All done!” It was freaking cute!















Some afternoon coloring.















Then we went and got Brooke and Payson from school and it was time to make the muddy buddies!




























And we just now ate pizza for dinner and are going to watch that movie. Have a good Friday night everyone!

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