Clean Up, Clean Up!

It was time for our monthly cleaning out under the couch. I had the little kids help because they thought it was fun!















They loved watching me vacuum after they cleaned up the toys and trash.















The finished clean room!















I so want to get a rug in this room, it needs a pop of color. And curtains. And a family picture for the bare wall. But… that all costs money! I’m keeping an eye out for sales!















I vacuumed my bedroom as well. This room needs more color, too. But you know, this room feels really refreshing to me, really light, which is such a relief. I need more lightness in my life.




























Ember and Everett play with that kitchen and the Legos in my room all.the.time. So glad I set up a little play area for them in here!




























My kids have been doing daily chores and we’ve been working on kind attitudes as well. I got a chore chart from the dollar store and we fill it out every day. It helps! They also get tablet privileges if they go to bed on time, without a fight, and stay in bed without getting up to go pee or get a drink of water a dozen times!















I get Ember to sleep in her own bed probably one out of every ten nights. The rest of the time she’s in bed with me and Everett. Kicking, hitting, and thrashing the night away. I am thinking about getting her a sleep test soon because she seriously thrashes around so much at night and she also snores. I am waiting for when her cold is done and then I’ll take her in to see a doctor and figure out if something is wrong that needs to be helped!















This was this evening, Brooke and Sierra watching Goosebumps on Netflix.















2 thoughts on “Clean Up, Clean Up!

  • The light in your room is really amazing! A photographer dream window haha. When I was a kid I was just like Ember, I had a little nerve stopping me for breathing in the right way but I just had to wait till I got older to see if it would grow with me or not, gladly it didn’t! Hope you find out what’s wrong with her, or maybe she’s just wild. Haha ?

    • That’s interesting. I’m really glad to hear it didn’t and you were fine without need for any medical stuff! šŸ™‚

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