Everett is Locked Out

You know when you have a toddler who is obsessed with getting into everything he shouldn’t how crazy you get? My goodness gracious I was starting to get so stressed out every minute of every day! We have an open floorplan and it felt, and it was, like every single square foot of the house had something in it for Everett to cause trouble with. He has his favorites, of course. The toilet. The pantry. The garbage. On top of the table and counters and my desk.


So, what’d I do? Bought more baby gates. Gated off the entire front of the house. That’s where a couple bedrooms are, a bathroom (which Everett tried to get into constantly) and the laundry room. I also gated off the pantry because 90% of the mess and destruction and food stealing came from there. I also put all the dining chairs on the other side of the biggest baby gate after every meal so that Everett can’t use them to push up to the counter or to climb onto the table with. The house has been SO much more peaceful the last few days. What a relief!

Before baby gates: (he’d used a chair to push up to the counter and get the leftover ice cream. Used another chair to climb up on my desk with his stolen treat. This kid!)


















I almost felt guilty when he started crying heartbroken tears over being blocked off from his fun toilet. But you know that passed quickly because… toilet. TOILET.
















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    • You’re right, I haven’t talked about his fingers in over a year, I think! I do take lots of pictures of them. I’ll do an update post soon. They’re doing pretty good but he will have to have another surgery in a few years.

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