Life with Kids on the Weekend

Friday night. Ember has slept in my bed ever since Allan moved out. I’m not sure how long this will last. I’m just letting her for now.


Saturday morning. The kids got a tablet for Christmas with all the gift cards family gave them. I’m so thankful for that, I could never afford to get them a tablet! I don’t allow screen time every day but on weekends is when they get to play the most!






























Painting time.

We went to the Verizon store because the other day I dropped my phone and the $30 tempered glass cover on it totally shattered but guess what! My phone was totally unharmed!! I wanted to get another tempered glass cover as soon as possible because those things work! While at the store the guy working there told me my phone case was obnoxious. I said, “I like it. I like sparkly things.” Plus I got both my over-the-top phone cases on sale for only $4.99 on Amazon! Extravagant for $5? Yep, I accept.













But really the phone case I always use, my favorite, is this one:















I have one that looks like a wallet, too. All the ones I got on Amazon go on sale for around 5 bucks all the time. Free shipping, too.















Here’s a close up of the tempered glass cover. You can’t even tell it’s on… it’s totally clear 🙂















I did a menu plan for the week since we needed to go the store.















And Everett got a hold of his bowl of cereal from the morning.














And played in my room while I cleaned that mess up.















Wal-Mart. I remember when I used to shop at organic health food stores. Not a luxury I have anymore. If you can afford to do so, feel lucky. haha















I found some baskets on clearance at Wal-Mart for 88 cents. Finally was able to organize the produce in my pantry instead of having bags falling open and spilling all over the place all the time!















I write on the whiteboard every day. The kids love it, they’re really into seeing what’s for dinner that night and the next. They love food! haha















I made a big batch of artisan bread dough last week and we bake a small loaf each day and eat it with lunch or for an after school snack. SO GOOD!!















Everett is still breastfed and I swear he’s so obsessed with it lately. He asks all the live long day for mama nana. It drives me nuts because a) I don’t have much milk while pregnant b) it hurts to breastfeed while pregnant. So sometimes I just say no and try to distract him. It rarely works.















But once in a blue moon I manage to help him forget he’d wanted it. This day I was using one of his plastic dinosaurs to walk around the living room looking for candy. The dinosaur would walk up to any object he came upon (the TV remote, another toy, a sock, etc) and say excitedly, “ooooh yummmmmy!!” and then take a bite and then choke and gag and make spitting sounds and exclaim, “YUCK! Not candy!” Everett laughed each time.


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