4 thoughts on “Right Now is Sad

  • I'm so sorry. I remember those days. I would cry and cry after attorney visits. He (atty) was talking like this person was a monster and strategizing things for my benefit (for which I am ever so grateful now), but I still was in love with the jerk and in shock to even be sitting there in the first place. I never wanted a divorce; it still wouldn't be my choice. But I could only control me. I couldn't control him or his choices. You're in the stage where everything is still so hard and overwhelming. It won't always be like this. I hope you have a good network of family and friends to help you. Hugs.

  • Keeping your family in my thoughts!! I am so sorry for you all. ❤️ I hope you are finding the strength and support you deserve right now. ((Hugs)) I know it is hard to be strong and 'on' for your kiddos – however, I know that you can do this… Maybe in baby steps, but you will get there. My heart aches for you! Wishing you peace!!

  • I agree with SallyPA — (I recognize you from 2Peas 🙂 She said it all — when you are going through all the details and "business" of trying to figure out how to break up things that you believed would be forever, it is exhausting and emotionally overwhelming. But it DOES get better. I know you probably keep hearing that over and over but it is true– hang on to that. I didn't want my marriage to end but I realized that I had to be strong for my daughter — to give her stability and to make her know that things would be ok and that she had a parent she could trust to always take care of her. It was SO hard and I wouldn't have chosen it, but I did make the decision to get good advice and input so that if I had to move ahead alone, that I would do it in a smart way. Hang in there. Hugs to you.Lisa D. in FLA

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