Coping with Life

Thursday we started the day with some Strawberry Shortcake on Netflix after taking Brooke and Payson to school. I’m going to cancel TV since it’s too expensive for me now but we’re so freaking lucky that we have Netflix these days. $8 for a bunch of shows!! Amazing, huh?














I failed miserably taking photos the rest of the day until the evening when my usual loneliness and overwhelmedness kicked in and I decided I couldn’t spend one more second in the house and took the kids somewhere virtually free… Barnes and Noble! Sierra had birthday money so we had a reason to go anyway. She got a couple cute stuffed raccoons there.
My view:















Everett was so thrilled to play with the trains. He’s really gotten into trains since Christmas when he got a little wooden Mickey Mouse train set. He picked up each train he could at the store and showed me and said, “Choo, Choo!”















Sierra browsing the stuffed animals!


We got home and the older girls ran straight to Brooke’s room to play with Sierra’s new toys. I snuck up on them with Everett and opened the door quickly and said, “GirlsI’mgoingtomakedinnernow!” and they got startled and Everett busted up laughing.

Dinner Thursday was pancakes, sausage, and eggs. We rarely do breakfast for dinner since I don’t particularly like breakfast foods but we decided to make it a new Thursday night tradition since the kids LOVE it.













I haven’t skipped a meal since Tuesday. I’ve still been sad and stressed but decided any time I feel overwhelmed I’m just going to tell myself what I can change about the situation and let go of the rest.


There was a little flour left in the bowl and Payson and Everett were playing with it and some measuring cups. I thought that was a great way to keep Everett entertained while I cooked up the pancakes.















But what I didn’t realize was that I left the open bag of flour on the counter next to the bowl.

I sent Payson off for a bath and took a bunch of pictures before spending 10 minutes cleaning up all the flour.



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