Baby #6’s GENDER!!

Guess what’s in this belly:
























It’s a…



























We are so freaking excited to have another little girl in the family! I would’ve been happy either way but having a baby girl is so much fun I’m dying of excitement!!
I got out all of Ember and Everett’s old baby stuff to sort through everything and see what would work for this baby. I’m super excited because the only things I need to buy are a couple newborn gowns, and a swing! I have everything I need for this baby!! I’m so glad. I feel like crying with joy every time I think about how much baby stuff I have and don’t have to buy on my small budget. I’m so glad I kept everything from my other babies!















I did buy ONE splurge item and that’s a Project Life album and supplies for baby’s first year. I couldn’t not do it! And yes we’ve had a name picked out for a girl for forever. I really wanted to name Ember Lyla and now I get to use the name!















I am not printing as many pictures for her album as I did for Everett’s because Everett has two FULL albums from his first year! Yikes. I’m going to only print one belly shot from each month of pregnancy and only add 4 total ultrasound pictures. With Everett I used up 8 whole pages on pregnancy/ultrasound photos!! Crazy.




























Everett loves scrapbooks. He loves flipping through and pointing to everyone 🙂


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