A Pregnancy Checkup!

I’m 4 months along in these pictures. I can barely believe how fast this pregnancy is going!!

















I don’t have anybody here that I trust to watch my kids yet so I took the three that are home with me and oh boy was that not fun. I thought it wouldn’t be so bad with only three. I underestimated Everett’s boredom!













I have the worst veins in the whole world (no seriously, I’ve been told that over and over and over) and am always so freaking anxious when I go to a new blood lab to get blood drawn. This time though the lady was miraculously talented and got my vein in the first try! I felt speechless when she pushed the needle in and popped the tube on and my blood flowed. What?! That like, never happens!
















These next two pictures aren’t related to my checkup but I also took them today so, here they are!













Ember got this little kitchen for Christmas and loves that I keep it in my room instead of upstairs in her room. She and Everett have a little section in my room with Legos and this play kitchen and they hang out there quite often!

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