Today in the Late Morning We…

I really meant to take pictures in the afternoon once Brooke and Payson got home from school but, I didn’t. It’s so hard because that time of day is hectic!
But anyway, here was a two or three hour span of time in the late morning, early afternoon!











Sierra and Ember did an art project after finishing the rest of their school work. It’s that tissue paper activity where you cut tissue paper into little squares and then glue them onto drawings. I’ll share the finished pictures when they’re done.












I gave Everett paper and glue and tissue squares but he wasn’t even slightly interested. He spent the morning begging for Playdoh so, Playdoh it was. Ember helped him open the container.












We stopped the craft to eat lunch.












I put a little pepper on the macaroni and cheese and Ember refused to touch it. Sierra was laughing about how very little pepper there was, like one grain of pepper on each noodle and Ember looked and saw that Sierra was right and they both giggled over how picky Ember was being.
But Ember still wouldn’t eat it!












My table gets trashed on a daily basis. And Everett loves sitting up there. Toddlers.

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