Still Homeschooling!

When I was found out about my husband’s lies last September I lived in a fog for a couple months.; nothing about life made sense. I couldn’t homeschool anymore. I bought a hundred educational DVDs for my kids and a bunch of independent activities and figured I’d pick homeschooling back up when I was steady again. This worked for Sierra (in 4th grade) but Payson (2nd grade) started acting out from the sudden lack of the supermom he was used to his entire life. Suddenly mom is just sitting near him staring off into space (or crying) instead of coming up with magically fun and exciting projects and activities all day?! He couldn’t handle the change. I decided to put him into public school to give him some structure to his day again. He loves it and it was the best decision I made for him. I actually wanted to put Sierra into school too, but unlike Payson she hated the idea of starting mid school year so I decided to keep her home for the rest of the year.

So that’s why during the day it’s Sierra, Ember, and Everett at home. Brooke has been in public school the whole school year because she loves it! She is in middle school and is doing so amazing there! She has a lot of friends and is excelling in all her classes. I’m impressed by her every day!

We’re still using Christian Light for homeschool. As long as I’m able to homeschool I’ll be using Christian Light. It’s the best if you want something your kids can do fairly independently OR with your full involvement. Its ease frees me up to put my efforts into supplementing with projects and activities. I really love it. Most days we do an art project or play a game or with playdoh or something before we start school. The kids are playing together, happy, and excited about the day when we start with fun things!












Our playdoh set is food related and Everett tried bites and licks of the foods they’d make at least 5 times. He’d spit and gag like crazy each time!












We made him spaghetti and when we handed it to him he blew on the noodles! So cute!












I think they played with playdoh for an hour and a half! They probably would’ve played all day if I hadn’t eventually put it away and brought out the school stuff!












Everett’s preschool activities are all fun and games. Sierra and Ember always play with his activities after he does!












A stop for lunch. Everett usually eats a peanut butter sandwich and veggies for lunch but today we had leftover taquitos and pickles! Random, haha.












After lunch Ember played with the buttons.









While Everett had found a seat in the book basket to read books. He always climbs in the book basket to look at books. I love it 🙂












Then he played with these magnet block things.












And then played peekaboo while I changed his diaper.

And we went and picked up Brooke and Payson from school and when I checked the mail we were excited to find Sierra’s birthday package from her grandma had arrived!!

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