The Way I Gave, The Way You Took – Poem

Do you remember how
I loved you?
Do you remember my
touch, my words,
my adoration, encouragement,

Do you remember me
as a plentiful spring?
Gushing, healing water,
a seemingly endless
supply for your
dry, cracked lips?

A resource for you,
a light source
for your dark,
black insides.

If not let me tell you,
I’ll remind you
of the days I sat
thinking of you,
considering all I could do
to bring happiness
to your heart.

Words, actions, thoughts,
a lifetime of consideration
for you.
You were the center of
everything for me.

And now I know
you were the center
of everything for you, too.

While I was trying everything to please Allan,
you were trying
everything to please Allan.

And both of our efforts
to please you, hurt me.

What a surprise to
both of us that I’m
not an eternally
flowing spring
after all.

What a surprise it was
to you that my
entire existence
wasn’t to fill you up
in every and any way
you were empty.

What a surprise it was
to me that I
and my needs
never crossed your
mind in the hours,
days, weeks, months,
and years your needs
filled my mind.

And now that I know,
and you’re learning,
and realizing,
you try to do things

Unfortunately it’s not enough
and more unfortunately
it doesn’t matter anymore.

Because after all
the taking and
after all the lies
and after all the

my deep, pure love,
that you could have had forever,

The spring had an end.

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