Everett Falls and Hurts His Finger

When a toddler is under two and falls and hurts the tip of their finger you’re supposed to bring them in just for a check up to make sure nothing’s affecting the blood supply to the end of the finger. Everett has fallen on his middle finger and it was really swollen and bruised so we took him in just in case. He was fine though. Just traumatized by the doctor talking to him. Everett’s my most shy child. Poor thing is terrified of people 🙁

You can tell it was his left middle finger, look how he was holding it out. Awww, poor baby!

Gorgeous Day

We went for a family walk over at the lake. It was a gorgeous fall day!

So clearly we had a lot of fun looking through those telescope things and taking pictures. We headed up a hill next. We spotted a squirrel.

Then we hiked down to the lake and threw rocks in the water.

Everett was super excited to point out all the birds. This toddler loves animals and birds and bugs and yeah, anything alive 🙂