Pregnant! and Cafe Rio

It’s a huge shock to find out I’m pregnant.

I had mixed emotions about it all. I was excited for the chance to have one last baby but it’s a rough time
I’m suffering from the worst morning sickness I’ve ever experienced. Thanks baby #6! You’re making your place in the family known already!

Even in the midst of my pain and trauma I’m a good mom to baby, look at these pictures I took for him/her to have in the future. I even took one with Allan even though we’re splitting up.

Everett was super cranky that week. His ear infection looked better… but. Cranky. I held him virtually nonstop for 10 days!!

I went through a Cafe Rio phase clearly.

2 thoughts on “Pregnant! and Cafe Rio

  • Hey, I'll give you some credit: everything you do with Allan that isn't clawing his face is a huge victory. Seriously. I'm probably not a good support person because when I read your posts I just want to fly to Idaho and capture you and bring you home with me. That doesn't really help. But my god.

  • I went through a couple weeks where I was ANGRY at him. Now I'm just indifferent toward him. I want him to get better so he's a good dad for the rest of his life. But for me, I want to move on and take care of myself in an environment where everyone around me is loving to me and not disrespectful and mentally abusive.
    Everything you say helps, especially because while you felt and feel certain things YOU are working on someone else's problem. YOU stuck it out, Jordan! You're in the exact position to have real feelings and share them with me! 🙂

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