Ember got a Sucker and We Went to Wal-Mart!

Ember’s birthday is two days after Allan’s. She spotted this lollipop with that unicorn attacked at Cabela’s and begged for it for her birthday. The kids ask for those particular toys/suckers every time we go there and with her birthday only two days away I couldn’t say no this time!

Allan had noticed a praying mantis outside our door for three days in a row. It was just laying there in the same exact spot for a long time. He was worried it was dying and moved it to a bush in the front yard. He was so hopeful when it started looking around and held itself up. He told me he thought it might live now. He was watching it to see if it would move.

I hear, “Mom, look! Mom! Look at me!” And wasn’t disappointed when I looked over! Ember asked me to take pictures of her like this.

I swear the last two weeks my kids have been messier than they ever have been before. My house gets trashed on an hourly basis.

We were 100% out of food since I’d been avoiding the store the last few weeks since it gives me extreme anxiety as I navigate some PTSD I’m going through… I finally made myself go to the store!

Anyway we stocked up on food and I bought all of Ember’s birthday stuff. The night before her birthday!!

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