My Poor Baby!! Everett Gets a Fat Lip!

Want to hear the saddest thing?!?! We were going on our usual evening walk and I let Everett walk the first block of it. He was trailing behind Allan and the big kids a little bit. I was walking beside him and suddenly he called out, “Da da!” and started baby running (toddling faster, haha) toward Allan. He picked the worst spot of the entire sidewalk because it is the only spot with a slight, very slight, downhill curve. He wasn’t prepare for that and I saw him start teetering forward. I was only one step behind him but you know toddler falls, you can’t catch someone that short who’s falling! He almost caught himself but by becoming rigid to brace for a fall he actually ended up getting more hurt because he didn’t use his hands as a brace, he landed face first on the sidewalk.

So here you had this toddler who got excited to go catch up to his daddy and starts walking faster and falls right on his face. I about cried. I am frowning remembering it. It’s always sad when toddlers get hurt but just especially when they were doing something extra sweet! *sob*

I wisely remembered something I learned back in Arizona and that’s to use a popsicle to combat the swelling. I brought Everett a popsicle. He’s never had one! He was curious about it. He just looked at it at first. Then he tasted it. Then he ate the entire thing!!! I was shocked. AND the best part is it took the swelling WAY down and by the next day he looked fine! Only the scrapes were still visible, the swelling was so minor you couldn’t tell. Yay!

Of course seeing their brother with a popsicle, everyone else wanted one too!

Payson was purposefully doing that face, he was being “Jake.”


The kids were playing a hide and seek game in the dark in Sierra’s room one day and all the sudden Payson comes downstairs screaming crying. He told me he crawled right into the metal frame of Sierra’s bed. His cheek was already red and I knew he’d have a serious bruise. Sure enough over the next two days it got darker and more discolored. Yikes! Thankfully the pain didn’t last as long as the bruise did!

Before it faded away forever I took him outside to photograph it. It didn’t turn out well, the bright light of day hid a lot of it in photos but, he sure did look cute anyway!

You can try and try to not laugh at your mom’s jokes, Payson, but I know you and what makes you laugh, you might as well stop trying to keep a serious face. lol

I bought Ember a new outfit for her upcoming 5th birthday. She tried it on and loved it and so I snapped some pictures while we were outside.

Me and my baby kitty β™₯

Everett sat by me and looked around the world and sucked on his thumb. He doesn’t suck his thumb, he just did for a minute while vegging out on this particular day.

In this photo you can see how his fingers on his right hand are curved so much they face each other at the tips. I love his fingers. I hope he isn’t bothered by them when he’s older.

Then we blew bubbles! I put the camera away for the rest of the time. Bubbles are too fun to spend time photographing πŸ˜‰ haha