Cafe Rio!

I really like Cafe Rio. It’s so yummy and there’s gluten free options and it’s so yummy. It’s so yummy! I used to get the burrito enchilada style but now I get chicken tacos and share them with the boys. It’s so yummy!!!

And horchata. Ugh. TOO good!!

Did I ever tell the story of the very first time I tasted horchata?!

Imagine it’s 2002 and I am 18 years old.

I had just moved to Arizona from Utah. I had never been to Arizona (that’s a lie, we lived in Arizona for a month when I was 5 years old, I don’t remember it though!) and I had never wanted to live in Arizona but I was extremely attached to a certain boy (spoiler alert, Allan!) and I knew he’d be spending the summer interning in Arizona so, off to Arizona I moved with my best friend, Arjhana.

We rented an apartment in a bad area of Tempe and I got a job waitressing at a hotel restaurant called Duck’s. It was a horrible situation and a time I’d not soon repeat but, such is life.

Okay so I got sidetracked, back to the first week I moved to Arizona. It was hot. About 100 degrees that March and this cold-weather girl was NOT loving it! I thought I was going to actually die of heat exhaustion. My lips got SO chapped and burned. I felt like I could barely move in the heat… it was crazy!

So we go out to eat for dinner at this mexican restaurant I’d never heard of. Filiberto’s.

We’re standing in line and I order a diet coke (because I lived off diet coke back then) and my friend Arjhana says, “You have to try horchata! You’ll love it!” And I pretend to not be hugely offended that she’d suggest anything on earth could compare to the greatness of diet coke and say, “Okay.”

So I get a horchata instead of a diet coke and am filled with regret. Until I take that first sip.

The taste!! I could not believe how good this mysterious cinnamon rice drink was!! I drank the whole thing (32 ounces!) and got another! I mean, Arjhana and I shared, but I think I drank most of it! I fell in love with horchata. I dreamt about horchata. I got horchata whenever we went to Filiberto’s and thought about it in between trips! haha!

So yeah. I like horchata and I get it every time we go to Cafe Rio!

Ember made a friend while we waited in the long line. They were so cute playing together!

Brooke and Sierra were pretending they were missing their front teeth by using their gum to block them out. They looked funny!

Payson wanted to help feed Everett and I was all for that. Not only did I not have to but Everett liked it a lot and it was adorable watching them!! My two gluten-free boys sharing their corn tacos, beans, and rice!

I know I mentioned back when Everett first tried horchata in Colorado that he freaking loved it and wanted to drink the entire cup full. Well, his love of horchata has not lessened! He adores it!

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