Evening Walk and Bike Ride

I successfully stopped bringing my camera on our walks this summer so that I don’t have too many walk pictures to fill my kids’ scrapbooks with. This night I had my camera in my diaper bag but wasn’t going to bring it out but a couple cute things happened that I couldn’t resist. Plus, look at the sky in the background of the last two pictures! It was a gorgeous evening!

Everett doesn’t like being in the stroller for long. I let him get out to walk and he was happy!

He spotted an airplane (it was a jet or something but I’m not sure so I just say airplane!) and froze in place to watch it cross the sky overhead. It was SO cute!!! He seriously froze and just his eyes moved as he watched it pass. So glad I had my camera out! I wish I would have filmed it but these pictures are good enough!

One thought on “Evening Walk and Bike Ride

  • It's crazy to think that if you hadn't taken your camera out, you wouldn't have gotten these awesome photos of the kids!! I was JUST thinking to myself yesterday that I have GOT to get out of this funk and start photographing things like I used to….big or small. Whether we've done them a million times or not. Special-occasion or every-day. In the last year I have let so many moments go undocumented and it's killing me!! These pictures are priceless, and if you'd have left your camera home….the moments would have been forgotten 🙁 Like my entire last year of life.

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