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It takes a lot of effort and supplies to keep Everett entertained during school time. Even with my best efforts he disrupts 80% of our school routine! That’s why I like Christian Light so much. Christian Light is easy for the kids and me and then we’re able to do fun activities because the formal subjects didn’t take as long!

I let Everett play with math manipulatives a lot and my very favorite thing to occupy him with is construction paper and water. He does this every single day and loves it! The paper turns a deeper color when the water hits it so a toddler thinks he’s painting but it’s mess free!!

This was the day after our butterflies came out of their cocoons and we were giving them new flowers for their habitat. You make a simple nectar mixing sugar with water and use a dropper to add drops of it to the flower!

We read The Enormous Turnip and I showed the kids turnips I bought from the store and then we made turnip fries using this recipe. I didn’t use parmesan cheese and I used olive oil instead of vegetable oil. They were good! The kids liked them. It was the first time anyone in our family had tasted turnips!.

Organizing all the office/school supplies that I’d gathered from about 20 different places all through the house!

Every single office supply that had been on the floor in the previous picture is now in one of the boxes here!

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