Starting Latter Day Learning!!

So 3 weeks (closer to 4!) after ordering our curriculum our supplies finally arrive! The kids are super excited!

 I was flustered and dropped the eggs as I was trying to put them back in the fridge. Luckily only 2 were left! I always put the shells back in the carton as I’m using it just because it’s easier that way. Regardless, it wasn’t a fun mess to clean up as the eggs that did crack got all over inside the fridge. *sob*

Everett has never seen the printer printing anything since he’s been old enough to notice so when I pulled our printer out to print some stuff for Latter Day Learning lessons he freaked out. First his eyes opened in terror, then he started pointing with a huge grin/shocked expression, then he started giggling like mad, then he brought his hands up to his mouth and laughed heartily into them. He ended up bringing me each and every page I printed, pointing and squealing and laughing at the printer each time something new came out. It was freaking adorable!!

Later in the day the kids were raiding our Halloween costumes box (which they do regularly) and were playing super heroes. Everett thought it was the best thing he’d ever seen and when Sierra stuck this mask on him he took it very seriously. He kept growling and “rawring” at everyone!

Back to Latter Day Learning, I got our timeline set up on our wall. We have very limited wall space in our house so the hallway was the only available spot!

I’d had the kids draw pictures of big events in our family’s history on index cards and then I taped them together with packing tape and folded them accordion style. This was their personal timeline and after seeing it and doing that they were much more interested in “God’s timeline” (history) and our timeline in the hall! We later taped the first index card of their timelines into the front of their binders so that they could pull out their timelines and look at them whenever they wanted to when we do school time.

By this time Everett was crying loudly and constantly so in the ergo he went while we finished up school.

This was three days after the caterpillars turned into chrysalides so we moved them to the butterfly habitat!

Everett was so exhausted that evening since he’s been fighting sleep hardcore this week. He fell asleep during dinner!!

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