Chrysalides Start!

Our caterpillars start turning into chrysalides!

Everett is really attached to his Sierra. Sierra is such a little mommy to him and treats him so well. If I am ever desperate to do something without Everett around (like put raw chicken in a pan!) and he’s hanging on my leg crying I call for her to take him for five minutes and she will either hold him or go play with toys with him. Such a help and she does it so cheerfully!

Man, I had some late nights that week. Everett suddenly decided that having a bedtime before 1am wasn’t acceptable. Just hanging out with Ember on my bed while she played the iPod.

That night I finally got Everett to sleep while nursing him using the boppy. I laid him down on my bed and shoved a pillow under his legs to prop him up. I knew that if I left him there for a minute before moving the boppy away he’d stay asleep. So I took this picture and then sat there for a minute and sure enough, I safely moved away the boppy and he slept for a good 4 hours! Whew.

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