On August 12th

Life is absolutely insane these days. And sadly I record virtually none of it.

We need some better handwriting training this coming year. The kids used the handwriting that came with their language arts curriculums last year and it was so awful. Back to handwriting without tears for Payson! Ember’s using it this year, too!

Ember was playing with her Legos she got for her birthday.

Her birthday is in a month but I gave them to her early. The other kids all have legos and don’t share with her and she’s sad about it so I let her have them early. She’s SO easy to please on her birthday she won’t mind opening one less present.

I noticed Payson wasn’t grasping the whole “magic c” thing in his handwriting book so I brought out the chalkboard to show him (and Ember joined) on a larger scale. I demonstrated and we practiced all the letters that magic c makes.

It really helped! By the end of our little lesson both the kids were writing all the magic c letters really well!

We noticed a couple of our caterpillars hanging from the top of their cup. They were just starting to change into chrysalides!

Then we went to the store because we go to the store a lot because my kids eat so much!!

Everett fell asleep in the car and stayed asleep when I moved him to his stroller. It was a more peaceful shopping trip thanks to that.

These three got new bedding because it’s been a long time since anyone got new bedding and we were in desperate need of some!

This little boy loves bananas!

I set up a shelf and put it by the TV. We have two shelves like this for homeschool supplies and they’re full! I guess I have a lot of school stuff!

After everyone (including Allan) went to bed I was still up with a cranky Everett. He didn’t want to lay in bed with me. He wanted to be up (I believe it was 1am) and I was exhausted so I tried to “wear” him to sleep.

It didn’t work but he was happier in there while I got some extra chores done.

2 thoughts on “On August 12th

  • I love Handwriting Without Tears! Payson's pencil grip is awesome. His handwriting is looking great! Ember's braids are beautiful! You are one talented mama. 🙂 It's so funny to me that I can look at your blog and relate to so many things n your lives. I guess our families are at similar stages. Bedding is on my list, too. haha

  • Hudson's handwriting is atrocious. He learned some really bad habits in Kindergarten (his teacher was a first-year…fresh out of college…and she let a lot of things “slide”) and they're so so ingrained in his brain now that I can't get him to break them! Some kind soul sent me a copy of Handwriting Without Tears and a few sheets of the paper with boxes/dots and I worked really hard with him for a while…..but he'd get SO angry and I'd get so frustrated…and his habits haven't changed at all! Now in 2nd grade his penmanship is just a nightmare and I don't know what to do with him. His thing is, he start all of his round letters at the bottom and goes up and around in a clockwise circle rather than starting at the top and going down and around in a counterclockwise circle. TOTALLY bass-ackwards. Every time he starts to write a lowercase a or c or o or anything I tell him “Start at the top! Start at the top!” and maybe for that ONE letter he'll remember to do it….but the next time he gets to a round letter I'll have to say “Start at the top!” again and again and again. Any ideas….??? Can you think of some way I could “fix” him!? haha

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