Insect Lore Butterfly Garden – Our Caterpillars Arrive!

I’ve been wanting to do this butterfly garden for years. I don’t know why I never got around to ordering it before. Just preoccupied with other things, I guess.
Anyway I ordered a new curriculum for the kids to use this coming school year (will blog about that later) and one of the recommended purchases to go along with it was this butterfly kit. And also owl pellets but I didn’t get those because I was severely gagging just looking at the pictures online. I might order them and let Allan do those with the kids. I can’t handle it, though. *GAG*

So Monday our caterpillars arrived! At first I thought all 6 were dead because they didn’t move a bit. Not a single twitch on a single caterpillar hair.

About five minutes after opening the box and putting the cup on the counter one moved! It was a tiny twitch at first, and then it moved its head more, and then it started crawling! I wasn’t excited yet because I was thinking, if only one is alive I have to return this thing and that’s a pain!

Five minutes later, another one twitched! And on and on, every 3-10 minutes a different one would seem to just come alive. The last two on the bottom of the cup took FOREVER to move. I was certain they were dead. I think it was a good 35 minutes or more after I set the cup on the counter that the last one moved! But in the end they were all alive so, yay!

Ember was the most interested but Everett found joy in our new “pets” as well!

Payson liked watching them for a while. He had a green day (green days mean he can play video games and red days mean he can’t, we just do that to make sure he doesn’t play too often and rot his brain out, ha) so he was far more interested in playing Zelda than the caterpillars. But for a good 20 minutes they stole his attention.

The kids were fascinated with the webs the caterpillars make. They first learned about caterpillars making webs this summer during our evening walks. One day they noticed huge webs in the trees that line our sidewalk. We were all appalled at first and also, terrified. Thinking they were spider webs we “eeeeewed” and stared. Allan informed us that those weren’t spider webs but caterpillar webs! We stared again even more amazed. We couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t believe I could go my entire life without knowing this fact and the kids couldn’t believe these horrifying looking webs were from caterpillars!

Seeing the web in our caterpillar cup confirmed this new information we’d learned and made it more interesting seeing it up close! We talked about why they make webs (it says to protect themselves and move around more easily on the information that came with the kit) and how cool that was.

I left the caterpillars on the table for about an hour and Ember sat there the entire time watching them and talking to me about them. She named a couple and she talked to them and would occasionally exclaim to me, “I calmed them down! They actually like my voice! They really like me. Lovey loves me!”
She named her caterpillar Lovey and I let her name “my” caterpillar (the kids “divided” them up among the family members) and she chose Eatey because he was the second biggest so she said he liked to eat. And yes I was informed that hers was a girl and mine is a boy. haha! She’s so fun!

Oh yeah so I moved them back to the counter because Everett really wanted to play with his new friends and that would’ve been bad. haha
He immediately pushed a chair up to the counter. He’s too smart for his own good!

Hours later, our house was still in caterpillar-obsessed mode. Ember and Payson (though he wasn’t pictured here) watched a lot of youtube videos about the butterfly life cycle and some from the Insect Lore’s youtube page! They were even interested in the commercials for Insect Lore. Fun times!

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