Saturday morning Allan wears Everett and does the dishes. Is this what heaven is like?!

Saturday afternoon we go on a huge hunt (two stores) for church clothes. There are three people in our family with practically no church clothes (or actually none, Payson) and the rest of the kids have very few things appropriate. We are lucky and find just enough to get us all properly clothed for church. Now we just need two or three more outfits so we’re not wearing the same exact thing every week. Church clothes shopping is my very least favorite thing to do on earth. I’d honestly rather clean my bathrooms :/

Saturday evening we drive to Washington to Liberty Lake to hike.

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  • You have so many people to shop for! I guess I've never realized how easy I have it with dressing three boys. haha They each have one or two sets of church clothes and I call it good. What a great picture of Sierra. She is just beautiful. 🙂

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