Me and Everett

This night Everett woke up at 1am and would not go back to sleep. I finally stuck him in the ergo and edited pictures. I guess it’s not the worst situation when you’re able to keep up on blogging!

Finally made myself grab my camera when Everett was pretending to talk on my phone. He loves the phone. He’ll walk around the house talking to daddy. Except daddy’s not on the line of course. Sometimes I can’t find my phone for long periods of time. I end up googling that ‘find my phone’ website. One time Everett threw my phone in the recycling garbage can!

Everett is pretty much constantly eating. Constantly. These pictures were taken in the space of maybe three hours. He’s wearing a different shirt in the first picture because he covered himself in oatmeal and I changed him and gave him a bath.

Everett waking up from a super rare nap. I usually homeschool the other kids if I’m lucky enough to get him to sleep but for some reason that day I decided to do my makeup alone for once. It’d been maybe years since I last did my makeup without some toddler ransacking my bathroom stuff. It was nice!
He woke up right as I was finishing (it was a short nap, darn) and was super grumpy. I held him for ages and rocked him and nursed him but he was just grumpy.

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