Lemon Volcanoes!!

It’s been a hot minute since we spent some good time on science experiments. I hated that my life got away from me enough to put the things I really love to do on the back burner while I was trying not to drown in the things I had to do.

I love to do science experiments (and arts and crafts) with my kids. It’s my very favorite. Well, reading them good books is probably my favorite. Then crafts. Then science experiments. And then math. And handwriting next… honestly, is there anything about homeschooling I don’t enjoy?! haha! I really do love teaching kids. I don’t enjoy teaching every kid on earth. I don’t enjoy teaching someone who has absolutely zero desire to be taught… but any child remotely interested in learning, I’m golden.

So blah, I talk way too much. Let’s move on to our science experiment!

Isn’t a white board the best thing ever? You can use it for information or just for a nice visual for your lessons or experiments or even craft time.
I got the idea and information about lemon volcanoes from this site.

I got a bag of 12 lemons. We used 8 for the experiment and then 4 for painting later in the day.

I’m too lazy to explain all the directions but basically lemon juice mixed with baking soda is going to create a reaction. It’ll foam up. Adding a drop of dish soap and some food coloring makes it better!

Payson was so cute during this. All my kids were and loved it but I about died of cuteness every time he’d say, “I LOVE this! This is the MOST fun!! This is SO fun!! This is SO cool!! This is so much fun!!” He was smiling and laughing and kept saying all these things about it. It was seriously the freaking cutest!

I’m going to try really hard this year to do as many experiments as I can. I don’t know if there’s a “thing” out there called kitchen experiments but my hope is that I can find many of these experiments that you can do with things found in your kitchen (and therefore free or cheap) or with very few or very cheap purchases to help. I love science experiments but can’t afford to spend more than a couple dollars on each one. This lemon volcano cost me $3 total for 4 kids.

I had little cups (to save money they were the old used and wrinkled up cups I gave Everett to play with weeks ago) filled with more baking soda and lemon juice near each kid so they could alternatively add more baking soda and then lemon juice and vice versa, creating more little explosions.

This next picture makes me want to cry. Look how grown up my beautiful daughter looks! My gosh I wish her childhood never had to end. I wish she could live with me forever and ever. My kids are growing up!

The next thing we did is use the last 4 lemons in the bag to make paintings.

By then Everett was cranky that mom had spent an hour and a half not holding him (the arm tattoo is because sometimes your four year old wants you to wear tattoos with her)

Payson made a big mess of himself.

Next, because I’m crazy, we also did some salt painting.

And if that’s not enough we then colored pictures of the kids I made in photoshop using this tutorial.

I put Everett down so I could clean the kitchen and a minute later we spot him over by the drying lemon paintings having the time of his life walking a toy (I think lego) horse through all the paintings!! (Side note: he ADORES that toy horse)

And then he really wanted to talk to daddy. And then he carried my phone off and I couldn’t find it for a couple hours.

This was the mess I had to attend to.

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  • Oh my goodness! What a cool post. I love all your experiments! C, B and I were cracking up and loved the video. 🙂 We can't wait to try these!

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