Kitchen Science! Egg in a Bottle

I saw this idea on this youtube page. It looked fun and we had all the supplies minus a bottle. I grabbed a kiwi watermelon Snapple at Wal-Mart on one of our grocery shopping trips (and let Allan drink it) and then rinsed and dried the bottle and our science experiment was ready to go! Oh and also, if you do this experiment with your kids, use a bigger sized bottle opening than a snapple jar. A gatorade bottle has the perfect sized opening so maybe get a gatorade (32 ounce) and hold the opening up to other glass bottles in the store to find the right size! The Snapple jar opening was just small enough that our eggs broke as they were being pushed into the bottle.

Last thing before I get to the photos is, I would recommend doing this with kids. It was so fun and easy! My kids sat there stunned for several seconds afterward when I explained what had happened. It boggled their minds that the air outside the bottle was what pushed the egg into the bottle. They’d all assumed somehow the match and hot hair and smoke had sucked the air in. They were talking about how the air, which they couldn’t even see, pushed the egg in the bottle. It was really awesome seeing them think about that with wide eyes! Learning about air temperature and effects was so fun!

I found the source of our science experiment worksheets that I used to use with the kids. It’s here, second worksheet down. I tweak mine in photoshop before printing.

Ember drew pictures on hers as well as wanting to write everything the other kids were writing. I would write the words that she wanted on the white board and she’d copy them.

Everett busied himself with unloading our homeschool supply shelf.

Here are their finished science experiment sheets. We’ll put these in page protectors in their homeschool binders once they arrive. We ordered them weeks ago but they’re not here yet. We can’t wait, though!

After that we did math and language arts. I try not to take too many pictures of homeschool just because we do it every day and I’d have a million photos to sort through. But I couldn’t resist taking this of Payson hunched over his book.

Payson still gets confused over certain math terms. I need to make a printable for him to keep on hand to refer to which words mean addition and which mean subtraction. He’s good with minus and take away and fewer but subtract still confuses him each time. Same with addition. Though he’s good with all the other additions words. Well, he still doesn’t know what sum means. Haha! I need to take a day where we do nothing but learn the math words. I did that this day and it did help him a lot. I drew a cartoon of Link on the board because if Payson is ever struggling with a math problem (which is pretty rare, he’s pretty good at math!) I just tell him a story problem using arrows and bombs on Zelda and he gets the answer in a flat second. haha

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