Brooklyn McKayla Turns 12 Years Old!

I can’t believe my baby girl is 12 years old!

I have so many pictures in this post that I’m not going to jabber on and on. Well, to be honest, I did. I wrote her whole life story and then copy and pasted it to a word document and am just writing this sentence instead to save you all the reading. haha!

Brooke really wanted to buy some stuff with her birthday money to have a party for her toys. She said it was Mia’s birthday. Mia is a little stuffed dog she’s had for years and years and is her favorite. Mia’s birthday party needed some supplies so Brooke asked me to take her to downtown Coeur d’Alene back to Mrs. Honeypeeps shop. This is the candy store we stopped at when we went on the Mudgie and Millie trail.

I asked Brooke if she wanted to park right by the store or walk over from the library like we had last time. The kids all screamed out, “LIBRARY!!” and expounded, “We love walking more and seeing more things!”
Okay then!
We parked at the library and on our way to Mrs. Honeypeeps the kids begged for pictures by their favorite statue in Coeur d’Alene. This time around Sierra decided she wished she could marry the statue. Then we laughed about what that marriage would be like. Sierra you couldn’t go on walks with him, you couldn’t watch movies with him, you couldn’t go out to dinner with him, you couldn’t go swimming with him. All you could do is stand here talking to him and not getting any response. The kids thought the whole idea was hysterical.

Once in the shopping area we spotted Mudgie and Millie. I got a close up picture of Millie this time.

The kids begged for a picture with the statue.

The candy at Mrs. Honeypeeps sweets shopt is $8.95 a pound. I think it’s incredibly, incredibly overpriced and told Brooke she’d be better off buying candy at Wal-Mart but she was enamored with the different types of candy sold there. The chocolate covered gummy bears caught her attention last time and she just had to try them! She tried to pick only a few candies and got very little but her total was still $2.32! She was disappointed that a couple chalky candies and one chocolate covered gummy bear could cost so much.

But don’t worry, she was willing to pay that much because you guys don’t understand, chocolate covered gummy bear! She says it was worth every penny and I’m glad to hear that!

You guys should’ve seen her list. She has been planning this party for Mia for more than a month. She had a list of all the supplies she’d need and where to buy them and how much they’d cost. It was SO cute! β™₯

Next we went to Shenanigans toy and ice cream shop because Brooke wanted to buy a pink zebra beanie boo.

I ended up getting each kid a dollar baby ice cream cone (how could we resist?!) and the guy working inside gave the kids balloons!

They give you a lot of ice cream. These baby cones were piled higher than a normal regular sized ice cream cone! They spilled everywhere. All of us were covered in ice cream!

I got a small vanilla italian cream soda. When I was a teenager still in high school my best friend, Arjhana and I would stop at this shop in Burlington, WA (I think it was) and get a vanilla italian cream soda once a week on the way to our college class in Mt. Vernon. Some of my happiest memories πŸ™‚

I let the kids have the rest of it. I don’t think they loved it but they weren’t about to give up anything resembling sweets either. lol

I took this of Brooke on our way back to the car. She’s so beautiful.

I snapped these to remember Ember’s chocolate face.

Payson wanted to join in.

My pretty daughters!

I don’t know if anyone knows this, but my kids really like pictures. haha! They ask me to take a lot of pictures of them, especially when we go places!

So next Brooke wanted to go to Wal-Mart to get lunchables, gatorade… and I don’t remember what else! Decorations? I don’t remember. I know I bought her a few more last minute things when she wasn’t looking!

Everett was tuckered out!

Once home it was time to set up the party, wrap the presents… time for the birthday!

Brooke was reading her new book in her room while we wrapped presents and set things up. Then we called her out!

We waited and waited for Allan to get home. He got home kinda late! Finally it was time to open presents!!

And then cake! I mean pie! Brooke wanted apple pie instead of cake! And the J and K candles stand for Jay Kit from her cat warriors book. That’s what she wanted on her pie.

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